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Main Venue: "New Taipei Metropolitan Park"

Traffic: Participants can reach the venue via the subway system at THSR Taipei Station, TRA Taipei Station, Taoyuan Airport, Songshan Airport and Taipei Bus Station.


(1) Bus pick-up and drop-off location: Shuhong West Road and Xingde Road intersection
  Recommended bus parking location: Guangfu Parking Lot (Dingwen Road)
(2) Drones and aerial cameras not allowed.
(3) The following five parking lots are closed during the event:
     Sightseeing market south side parking lot
     Sightseeing market north side parking lot
     Xingfu Shuiyang Park area parking lot
     Wanshantong area parking lot
     Playground area parking lot
(4) You may only walk your bike through the Xinzhuang side road in the park. Bikes are prohibited in the rest of the park.
(5) Fishing is prohibited during the event.

1. MRT

  1. Exit 1A of Taoyuan Airport MRT Sanchong Station.
  2. Exit 1 of Taipei MRT Sanchong Station.


2. Bus

Many bus routes are available in New Taipei City and Taipei City to reach nearby areas of the region. They can be reached by transferring with public transportation means.
  1. Take the 227 Shuttle, 62, 232, 264, 640 to "MRT Sanchong Station".
  2. Take the 14, 227, 227 Shuttle, 232, 292, 292 Sub, 621, 662, 806, 1212, 803 and "Zhongxiao Metro Bus" to "Cailiao (Chongyang Rd.)".
  3. Take the 14, 62, 111, 227, 264, 292, 616, 622, 636, 638, 639, 801, 820, 857, 1209, 1212, 1803, 9102 and "Zhongxiao Metro Bus" to "Cailiao (Chongxin Rd.)".


3. Reservation for Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

  1. Taiwan Taxi, Dial 55688 by cell phone or 405-8888 by landline phone.
  2. Metro Taxi, Dial 55178 by cell phone or 4499-178 by landline phone.
  3. Crown Taxi, Dial 5510 by cell phone or 4128-333 by landline phone.
  4. Da fong Taxi, Dial 55100 by cell phone or 2918-3000 by landline phone.
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